Designed for use on most cylinder heads. Holds the head off the bench for valve work, head cleaning and assembly. Holding rods have a long 5″ taper which allows them to go further into the stud hole for more contact in the hole and a rmer grip on the head. Heat treated to remain smooth for use on aluminum heads and comes in a black finish.


    This specialty designed dual ended tool has small magnets that are designed to aid in the removal of hard to reach washers that are around most types of studs. This tool can also be used to help the technician in the removal of valve adjusting buckets and pucks. Manufactured from light weight and durable glass lled nylon plastic.

  • 11600 Extended Length Pneumatic Drift Set

    This unique tool is designed to remove long bolts that have become frozen in place due to rust and time. Examples of these bolts are shock bolts & suspension arm bolts.  These bolts are often too long for conventional pin punches or tapered drifts to push the bolt through a rusty bushing sleeve.
    This tool is operated by attaching to an air hammer and has a 5” long driver section allowing easy removal of rusty bolts and long pins.

    •  Used with common air hammer
    •  3 most common sizes, 5/16”/8mm, 3/8”/10mm & 1/2”12mm
    •  5” long parallel pin driver
    •  3 piece storage bag

  • All in one Fluid Stopper Set

    This unique tool allows technicians to stop fluid draining from various lines found on vehicles, heavy duty trucks and equipment.  These clamp style stoppers feature 4 different sizes for various applications including brake lines, hydraulic lines and smaller coolant lines.

    •    4 sizes in one compact clamp 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and banjo
    •    Made from high quality composite plastic
    •    Quick and easy way to stop dripping lines